Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle

3 Gal

7 Gal

Acoma (White semi-dwarf)        3 Gal (n/a) 7 Gal (n/a)

Arapaho (Red)                            3 Gal   7 Gal (n/a)

Muscugee (Light purple 20′ +)    3 Gal (n/a)   7 Gal

Natchez (White 20′ +)                 3 Gal   7 Gal

Tonto (Red semi-dwarf)              3 Gal   7 Gal (n/a)

Red Rocket (Red semi-dwarf)     3 Gal (n/a)  7 Gal (n/a)

Dynamite (Red semi-dwarf)        3 Gal (n/a)  7 Gal (n/a)


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The common crapemyrtle is a deciduous, small to medium sized shrub or small tree with a variable, moderately dense habit, often multi-stemmed form.