Popular Shrubs

Popular Shrubs

3 Gal.

Aucaba                                 Boxwood, Winter Green                 Boxwood, Japanese

Cleyera                                 Eleagnus, Fruitlandi                       Holly, Burford

Holly, Recurve                      Holly, Soft Touch                           Holly, Dwf. Youpon (shillings)

Holly, Pencil                          Anis                                               Ligustrum, Yellow Top

Ligustrum, Variegated           Ligustrum, Wax leaf                      Lorapetlum, Daruma

Lorapetlum, Pizzazz              Lorapetlum, Purple Diamond         Lorapetlum, Red

Lorapetlum, Ruby                  Nandina, Fire Power                     Pittisporum

Pittisporum, variegated          Privot, Varigated                           Tea Olive


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A shrub or bush is a small- to medium-sized perennial woody plant. Unlike herbaceous plants, shrubs have persistent woody stems above the ground. They are distinguished from trees by their multiple stems and shorter height, less than 6 m-10 m tall.